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Category Archives: Drunk Driver Accident


Legal Issues In “Drugged Driving” Wrecks

By Mark H. Wright, PLLC |

These incidents increased significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, as drivers increasingly self-medicated with prescription pain pills and antidepressants. A staggering 65 percent of tortfeasors (negligent drivers) had drugs in their system during 2020. Marijuana, which is semi-legal in Florida, is by far the leading substance that impairs motorists. Prescription medications, which are also legal… Read More »

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Liability Issues In Alcohol-Related Wrecks

By Mark H. Wright, PLLC |

A sustained drunk driver crackdown began in the early 1990s. Yet despite all this effort, alcohol still causes about a third of the fatal vehicle collisions in Florida. That proportion was roughly the same in the 1980s, before the crackdown began. Alcohol is a powerful depressant. The effects of alcohol might be fun at… Read More »

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Florida Again Ranks #1 In Boating Accidents & Fatalities, Where Drunk Driving Is a Leading Factor

By Mark H. Wright, PLLC |

According to the United States Coast Guard report released in June, Florida – in particular, Florida Keys, Miami Dade, and Monroe Counties – ranks number one in the country for recreational boating accidents and deaths; a distinction it has “won” every year for the last five years. There were almost 680 accidents last year… Read More »

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