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Category Archives: Motorcycle Accident


Common Motorcycle Crash Defenses

By Mark H. Wright, PLLC |

Hospital bills alone average just over $10,000 per incident in a motorcycle crash claim. Other medical costs, such as medevac and physical therapy, could cost even more. Furthermore, because of the often gruesome nature of these injuries, these victims are usually entitled to substantial compensation for their pain, suffering, and other noneconomic losses. Because… Read More »

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Insurance Company Defenses in Motorcycle Crash Claims

By Mark H. Wright, PLLC |

Every year, motorcycle crashes cost a staggering $16 billion. Medical bills and lost productivity (lost wages) account for most of these costs. The noneconomic losses these victims must deal with, such as pain and suffering, is almost impossible to calculate. Legal compensation is usually available for all these losses. To obtain fair compensation, a… Read More »

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