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Category Archives: Bedsores


The Connection Between Nursing Home Negligence And Bedsores

By Mark H. Wright, PLLC |

Pressure ulcers usually develop at nursing homes unless residents turn over in bed at least once every two hours. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents are so frail or over-medicated that they cannot turn themselves over. Instead, they are entirely dependent on nursing home staff. As outlined below, nursing home staffers are often too busy… Read More »

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Obtaining Compensation For Bedsore Injuries

By Mark H. Wright, PLLC |

Prevention and early detection are the two most effective defenses to serious bedsore injuries. Unfortunately, both these defenses are missing at many Tampa long-term care facilities. Pressure ulcers usually develop on bony parts of the body, such as the ankles or elbows, which remain stationary in bed. So, as long as the person changes… Read More »

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