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Tampa Truck Accident Lawyer

The freight industry is an indispensable part of Florida and national economies. Larger trucks are a regular feature on state and federal highways and freeways. Semis, eighteen-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and other large vehicles, however, create additional dangers for Florida motorists. Large trucks must be loaded properly, have up-to-date safety features, and be operated by properly trained, responsible drivers in order to be safe. When trucks are maintained, operated, or manufactured negligently, a catastrophic injury is likely to occur.

Dedicated Tampa truck accident injury lawyer Mark H. Wright has spent more than thirty years helping Florida accident victims recover damages from all liable parties, from insurance companies and negligent drivers to unscrupulous freight companies and vehicle manufacturers. Mr. Wright cares most about providing individual, personal service to each of his clients. Bigger law firms take an impersonal, cookie-cutter approach to representing accident victims. Mr. Wright does not. At Mark H. Wright, PLLC, we will work with you to investigate and build your case, and we will tailor our representation to your circumstances and your needs. Our number one priority is the welfare of our clients, and we will fight to ensure that our clients and their families are protected.

Truck Accidents vs. Car Accidents

Accidents involving large trucks are, by their nature, more dangerous than accidents involving passenger cars. Trucks are thousands of pounds heavier than other vehicles, meaning that any impact is likely to cause serious damage. Additionally, trucks often haul large pieces of loose equipment, heavy materials, or dangerous chemicals; in an accident, a truck’s haul is likely to become an additional roadway hazard. If a truck driver or their employer is negligent, people are likely to suffer catastrophic harm.

Truck accident cases also tend to be more complicated than the typical car crash claim. Large trucks are commercial vehicles, meaning that different laws and regulations apply, and more parties may share liability after a truck accident. Florida truck accident lawyer Mark H. Wright has a detailed understanding of and experience with large truck crashes, and he knows how to conduct a proper investigation. Mr. Wright knows which parties may be held liable after an accident, including negligent drivers, freight companies, third party contractors, professional liability insurance providers, and truck manufacturers. Mr. Wright is also familiar with the state and federal trucking laws and regulations that may come into play in a case involving a large truck crash. If you were hurt in a large truck accident in Florida, you can trust the Florida truck accident law firm Mark H. Wright, PLLC, for skilled, thorough, and detailed representation.

What Causes Truck Accidents?

Truck drivers are susceptible to all the same forms of negligence as auto drivers and face many of the same hazards. The truckers themselves, however, are often insulated from the worst damage caused by large truck accidents. The vast majority of people seriously injured or killed in large truck crashes are people outside the truck: drivers and passengers of other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.

Moreover, driving a truck is more complicated than driving a typical passenger vehicle. Truck accidents may be caused by a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Unbalanced loads, possibly due to third-party contractors
  • Truck driver drowsiness caused by long, punishing rides
  • Alcohol or drug use while driving
  • Driver distraction, particularly on long, boring hauls
  • Faulty truck parts, either due to lack of maintenance or manufacturing defect
  • Speeding, overtaking, and other dangerous driving tactics
  • Poor driver training
  • Lack of safety equipment

Because of the dangerous nature of truck driving and the difficulties faced by truck drivers, the trucking industry is heavily regulated. Drivers must adhere to strict rules regarding hours spent behind the wheel, hours spent resting between shifts, safety equipment, safety training, vehicle maintenance, and other safety concerns. If you or a family member were hurt or killed in a truck accident, Florida truck accident lawyer Mark H. Wright can help you investigate the circumstances of the crash and determine whose negligent actions contributed to or caused the crash. If someone else caused you and your family severe harm, you have the right to hold those parties responsible. Our dedicated Tampa Bay truck accident legal team can help.

Help With Your Tampa Bay Truck Accident Injury Claim

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a large truck accident in the Tampa Bay area, a Florida truck accident attorney at Mark H. Wright, PLLC, is prepared to hear your case. Our Tampa truck accident injury legal team is dedicated to providing individual service to each of our clients. We will tailor our representation to your circumstances and your needs. You have the right to recover for the harm you and your family have suffered, and our only goal is to make sure you get the damages you deserve. If you or your family were hurt or killed in a large truck crash in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Plant City, or anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, call today for a free consultation.

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