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Tampa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

The spinal cord is part of the central nervous system and it is made up of nerves that move up and down the body to control our bodily functions. When an injury occurs to the spinal cord, it interrupts the highway of information that is going to the brain and can leave a person paralyzed. Spinal cord injuries are terrifying to deal with. If there is a liable party, you will want to hold them responsible for the injury, but it may seem too overwhelming to deal with. A skilled Tampa spinal cord injury lawyer can handle the legal case so that you and your family can put all of your attention on your physical and emotional health.

Frequent Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Some spinal cord injuries are caused by disease, while others are caused by traumatic blows such as:

  • Motor vehicle crashes;
  • Falls;
  • Violence;
  • Sports;
  • Medical malpractice; and
  • Other.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

When an injury is complete, it means that there is no feeling or ability to move the body below that point. When an injury is incomplete, there may still be some feeling or ability to control the body below the point of injury. Spinal cord injuries are classified by where along the spine the injury occurred.

  • High Tetraplegia – This is when the injury is to the C1-C4 vertebrae and the high cervical nerves. The result is that a patient will lose the ability to move all of their limbs and may struggle to breathe or talk on their own. This is the most severe location to have a complete spinal cord injury.
  • Low Tetraplegia – This is injury to the C5-C8 vertebrae and the low-cervical nerves. The result is still full loss of the limbs but a person is able to breathe and speak on their own accord.
  • Paraplegia – This occurs when a person maintains the ability to move their arms but loses motor control over their lower limbs.

Statistics released by the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center found that since 2015 the most common type of spinal cord injury is incomplete tetraplegia, which accounts for 47.2 percent of all spinal cord injuries. Furthermore, they found that less than one percent of patients make a full neurological recovery by the time they are released from the hospital.

The High Costs Associated with a Spinal Cord Injury

According to The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, the lifetime costs of a high tetraplegia injury for a victim who is 25 years old will likely exceed five million dollars. This does not include indirect costs such as loss of productivity and loss in wages. The lifetime expenses will also vary by what a person’s employment was prior to their injury, their level of education, and the level of neurological impairment. Some spinal cord injury patients may find that they can return to work while others will no longer be able to continue in their profession due to the paralysis.

Tampa’s Premier Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys Will Help You Seek Compensation

If you or a loved one has suffered trauma to your spinal cord in an accident that someone else should be held liable for, it is critical that you seek the advice of a knowledgeable Tampa spinal cord injury lawyer. The attorneys at the office of Mark H. Wright, PLLC will collect all of the necessary documentation to prove the full financial worth of your case and advocate on your behalf against any insurance companies who deny your claim. Contact our offices today at 813-425-2020 to schedule a free consultation.

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