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Tampa Personal Watercraft Accident Lawyer

Whether you were on a jet ski, paddle board, or kayak, and you had your day ruined by a negligent boat operator, you deserve to be fully compensated. Compensation is dependent on the severity of your damages—including pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and property damage—as well as the other party’s degree of liability. If you were injured, contact Tampa personal watercraft accident lawyer Mark H. Wright today for help.

Types of Personal Watercraft

Regardless of what type of watercraft you were using when you were injured by the other party, you have the ability to file a personal injury claim. As such, if you were operating a Jet Ski responsibly, had the right of way, and/or were going under the posted speed limit, the fishing boat or motorboat that caused the collision can be held at fault, even if you were going fast. The same principles of road traffic laws apply when it comes to personal watercraft accidents—the party that causes the collision is held liable, regardless of the type of watercraft the victim was using.

  • Kayak;
  • Canoe;
  • Stand up paddle board;
  • Jet Ski, Wave Runner, or Sea-Doo (both sit down and stand up);
  • Surfboard;
  • Windsurf Board;
  • Kite board;
  • Inflatable craft, such as a raft or tube; and
  • More, including swimmers, waders, snorkelers, and SCUBA divers.

Common Personal Watercraft Injuries

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (Concussion)—Any high to moderate speed collision has the risk of a head injury. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) often take many months to heal, while some TBIs victims never make a full recovery.
  • Crushed Limbs—Because a personal watercraft occupant has zero to little protection in the event of an impact with another watercraft, or dock, crushed or fractured limbs are a common injury.
  • Perineum Injuries—These are caused when a passenger of a Jet Ski falls off the back. Severe perineum injuries resulting from personal watercraft accidents tend to require extensive surgery, including laparotomy and/or colostomy, according to research.
  • Whiplash—Whiplash is a common injury of high speed personal watercraft accidents, such as Jet Skis and people being towed behind motorboats in inflatables, as well as when the victim is struck by another, faster moving party—for example, a stand up paddleboarder who is struck by a motorboat.
  • Drowning—Drowning is the most common cause of death in boating fatalities, according to the S. Coast Guard, and the same is true of personal watercraft accidents. However, not all drownings result in death. A non fatal drowning can result in brain damage, injuries caused during CPR, or not physical injuries, but lasting PTSD and emotional trauma to the survivor and their loved ones.

Contact Us Today for Professional Help

Personal watercraft accidents tend to result in serious, sometimes life-long injuries for victims. If you were run over or hit by a distracted, drunk, or reckless boat operator, the experienced Tampa personal watercraft accident attorneys at the office of Mark H. Wright, PLLC are here to help. Call us at 813-425-2020 to schedule a free consultation today.

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