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Tampa Amputation Injury Lawyer

Limb loss statistics provided by the Amputee Coalition state that 45 percent of amputations across the nation are the result of trauma. Amputations can occur to fingers, hands, toes, arms, legs, ears, noses, and even genitalia. According to WebMD, an amputation requires five to 14 days in the hospital, depending on the surgery. Even after the hospital, there will be an increased risk of infection and complications throughout the recovery. The trauma is not just physical. Losing a limb can lead to depression, PTSD, and other forms of mental anguish.

If someone else is responsible for the accident that led to the amputation, they need to be held responsible through the legal system. The repercussions that a victim faces from such an injury will last with them their entire life, and while nothing will make them whole again, being financially compensated will help a victim get proper medical care such as a prosthetic, and allow them to seek out counseling for the emotional distress they deal with. A skilled Tampa amputation injury lawyer can help victims of trauma amputations and their families hold the liable party accountable.

Complete and Incomplete Amputations

Complete amputations are ones where the limb is cleanly severed from the body and there are no lingering ligaments, muscles, or tissue left attached. Sometimes in these instances, if the severed limb is carefully cared for, the limb can be reattached in a surgery. Incomplete amputations are when the body part has been crushed or torn in such a way that it is not completely severed from the body, but reattachment is unlikely. 

Should Someone Else Be Held Liable for Your Amputation?

There are times when amputations must be done to treat illnesses such as diabetes, in which case nobody is directly responsible for your injuries. However, if you were in a trauma that caused the amputation, someone else may be liable for your injuries. Examples where there may be a liable party include:

  • Construction accident;
  • Poorly maintained premises that led to a fall;
  • Violence;
  • Workplace injury;
  • Auto collisions;
  • Motorcycle crashes;
  • Truck crashes;
  • Medical malpractice; and
  • More.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) states that employers are responsible for safeguarding machines with physical guards that prevent access to moving parts of a machine or devices that interrupt the machine’s normal cycle if a worker’s hand enters the hazardous point of operation area.

Speak to a Knowledgeable Tampa Amputation Injury Lawyer Today

If you or your loved one has lost a limb because of a third party’s negligence, you have the right to seek financial compensation to help coverage damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, disability, pain and suffering, loss of future earning capacity, and more. The first step to take is to find legal representation. The Tampa amputation injury lawyers at the office of Mark H. Wright, PLLC will answer your questions and will do all of the legwork required to file a detailed personal injury claim. Contact our offices today at 813-425-2020 to schedule a free consultation.

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