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Tampa Head-On Collision Lawyer 

Head on collisions, also known as frontal crashes, happen when one driver is headed the wrong direction and collides with another vehicle’s front end. According to the Insurance Information Institute, head-on collisions made up 10 percent of fatal crashes in 2017. Head on collisions can be caused by distracted drivers who swerve, impaired drivers, and drivers who accidentally drive the wrong way on a one-way street. Highway on ramps and exit ramps are a common place to have a wrong way driver and if the driver does not realize their mistake quickly enough, a head on crash can result. Often these crashes occur at dawn, dusk, or night when there is less traffic on the roads for a driver to notice they are going the wrong way and it may be harder to see signs. Drivers are also more likely to be impaired in the evening hours. Victims in a frontal crash often have a long road to recovery afterwards and should seek legal counsel from an experienced Tampa head-on collision lawyer. 

Why Head-On Collisions are So Dangerous

If one car is traveling southbound at 35 mph and another car swerves into the wrong lane of traffic at 40 mph, when they collide the force at the time of impact is equivalent to a car hitting a brick wall at 75 mph. The more force involved in a crash, the more severe the injuries are likely to be. Common injuries during a head on collision include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Internal bleeding;
  • Fractures;
  • Deep lacerations or contusions;
  • Neck and spine injuries, which could result in paralysis;
  • Crushing injuries on the lower limbs; and
  • Death.

Safety Features to Protect Vehicle Occupants in a Head-On Crash

  • Front Airbags – According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, airbags are designed to deploy in 1/20th of a second in moderate to severe frontal crashes when the car’s speed is above about 8 mph.
  • Crumple Zone – Also known as crush zones, this is the area in the front of the car that is designed to deform and crumple in a collision, which helps dissipate the force and redistribute the force prior to it reaching the vehicle’s occupants.
  • Seatbelts – For front seat occupants, wearing a seatbelt can keep them from being ejected through the windshield in a head on collision. Perhaps even more important is that the rear passengers wear their seatbelts because it prevents the rear seat passenger from being catapulted into people in the front seat, causing further injury to all involved.

Contact a Tampa Head-On Collision Attorney About Your Case Today

If you know someone who has been injured or killed in a head on collision, it is time to call the Tampa head on collision attorneys at the office of Mark H. Wright, PLLC. Personal injury claims are complex and time-consuming. We can work on your behalf to prove the other driver’s negligence and compile documentation of all the damages sustained for a comprehensive claim that will result in maximum compensation. Contact our firm today at 813-425-2020 to schedule your free consultation.

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